Go Easy Business Information – Up-to-date business information


Up-to-date business information is vital to any company seeking to improve their competitive edge. The right information supports business development through informed and strategic decision making.


Our Go Easy Business Information Team gives you access to a wealth of information on your marketplace.


Market Intelligence
Information on specific market sectors can be collated from a range of sources by our Go Easy Business Information Team. We also have access to specialist market reports covering over 250 industry sectors. Detailed reports or part-reports on specific industry sectors can be purchased.


Mailing Lists
You can use mailing lists to send promotional material to potential new customers. We have partnered with various companies to provide you with online access to both consumer and business mailing lists. You can tailor your list using a variety of targeting selections.



Writing a marketing plan


While most small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) undertake various marketing activities – from advertising in the local paper to building a website – many do not have a formal marketing plan.


For small businesses, a marketing plan can be a short, straightforward document that clearly defines the market the company is operating in, its marketing goals, the strategies used to achieve these, and the effectiveness of the marketing activities.


This website outlines the steps involved in developing a marketing plan, considering the key elements of product, price, promotion, people and distribution.