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Within your air conditioning, the air will condense to water because of the heating and cooling process. If you’re taking a closer take a take a look at your air conditioning, then it is possible to find a drain which runs from your ac unit which releases the water into the outside. The warmth goes down a drain pipe that’s usually white in colour. Many people panicked if they see water coming from the condensation pipe. This shows that your air conditioning is working fine. If you do not notice water flowing from the pipe, it is a good sign that the pipe is blocked.

When the warmth pipe is blocked, water begins to leak from the ground and you start to see wet stains. In the event the drain of the air conditioning stops working entirely, you will see water beginning to leak down your walls and on the floor. To call for a tech to repair the drain pipe can be very expensive. If you wish to save some money and aren’t scared of the dirty work, you can really do it on one’s own. First thing you have to do is to examine the drains of the body. Whether you have a ducted air conditioner, then head up into the roof and check the pipes.

CCTV survey

You want to make sure which the pipes are operating downwards throughout the length of your roof, to the exterior. You’ll also need to ensure that there’s nothing jamming the condensation pipes. Use a serpent or cable to remove any solid particles within the pipe. In case there are algae that can’t be removed by your plastic serpent, use a bleach solution into wash it away. Once you’ve done all of these, the warmth pipe should be clear. To test it, run water down their tubes on the roof and have someone watching exterior to ensure which their water flows smoothly down and out from the pipes. If you’re still having trouble, you should call a pro into come down and fix it for you. A CCTV drain survey will help you with drain repairs because it detects and reports drain damages accurately.

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