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There are many reasons for clutter to begin to become an issue. Perhaps it is due to having a busy lifestyle, work life or social life. Or maybe it is down to taking on too many things at once, leading to the struggle of juggling your priorities. It could even be because of certain circumstances such as moving house and having to get rid of old things and storing your more valuable possessions.

Some cases, although more rare, can be because of hording problems or problems with letting go of things that add no value to you or your home. In those cases where there is emotional attachment, it will be a lot harder to accept the fact that you are living in clutter and even harder to establish a plan to get rid of all the excess, unnecessary clutter.

Whatever the cause, there is always the next question of where to begin. Many people will put off the task of decluttering simply because it seems like a frustrating and arduous activity. Furthermore, depending on the amount of clutter you have to deal with, it may appear overwhelming. Have no fear! Here are some quick tips on decluttering methods you can use to organise your home, office or garage.


Decluttering Tips and Tricks

The Box Method –

This involves having four piles. At the end of declutter londonthe session, each pile will be filled with clutter to be dealt with in different ways. The structure will go as follows:

Box 1 – Put away or keep

Box 2 – Give away or sell

Box 3 – For storage

Box 4 – Throw away

Start off with small sections of your home or workplace. You can start off with one room or even just a small section of a room. The smaller the sections, the easier it will be to handle, which will lessen the frustration and stress you may feel.

Once you have established which area you are going to work on, go through all of your belonging and clutter and begin sorting them into the piles. You can use storage boxes, bin bags or just throw them into a heap, as long as you know which items belong in which category.

The 12 Rule –

This is another method to gradually declutter your space. The 12:12:12 challenge requires you to get rid of 12 items, keep 12 items and give away 12 items. This can be done over the space of a couple hours or an entire day depending on the amount of clutter you have.

The 12 rule also puts into perspective how many items you are keeping for no reason, which may make you even more motivated to declutter your home or office. It also gives you the opportunity to give back to the people you love or those in need as you can give 12 items away to a friend, family member or college that may need it. You could also give the items to a charity shop if you don’t feel like giving them away as gifts.

If you want more ways to declutter london, contact a Professional Declutterer and Organiser in London.

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